Friday, 2 August 2019

Kanye West is now a Born–Again christian – Nicki Minaj says

Popular American rapper, Nicki Minaj has disclosed in her show, Queen Radio while speaking to Chance The Rapper that Kanye West told her he’s now a born again Christian.
In her conversation with her fellow rapper, Chance The Rapper She said;
“I want to touch on, just briefly real quick, and I’m going to go…Because I felt the same exact way. Sometimes in the music business, we think that other artists don’t believe in God or aren’t spiritual as we are, and stuff like that. So we automatically go to the normal, ‘Oh, what up?’
“Then when you find people because I just was with Kanye, and he told me he’s a born-again Christian now. Like my first instinct was, ‘I’m so proud of you,’ because I could see there’s a peace that he has now that just surpasses everything.”
Touching quickly on her husband, Kenneth Petty’s faith
She added:
“To everybody listening, if you have a man that says he don’t believe in God … one time somebody told me this, that, ‘I don’t believe in God,’ and it scared the living hell out of me,” she said. “I ran like there was no tomorrow. So I just want to say, because a man needs a strong woman in his life, like whether that woman is praying or meditating or just supporting you or giving you those talks, people don’t understand how far that goes for men.”

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