Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Messi Blames Referee As Argentina Lose To Brazil In COPA America

Lionel Messi has vented his anger at the refereeing of the Brazil Vs Argentina COPA America semi-final game which his side lost 2-0.
Messi was powerless on the night as Brazil who were well drilled oppressed them. The match however didn’t go without its own share of controversy.
The match had an instance in which Argentina would have been awarded a penalty if VAR had been used. That was when Dani Alves brought down Sergio Aguero in the box. The referee didn’t stop play which led to Brazil going for a counter attack and scoring in the process.
Speaking after the game, Messi questioned why VAR was never used through out the game. He also called on CONMEBOL to look into it, a thing he believes will never happen because Brazil has so much influence.

Messi evidentemente molesto hace llamado a @CONMEBOL por los arbitrajes. Hace un repaso al VAR y la calidad de los colegiados: "en esta copa se cansaron de cobrar boludeces. Mano boludas, fueras boludas, penales pelotudos".
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