Sunday, 12 May 2019

Patoranking Reveals Shocking Past, Advises Youngsters

Nigerian singer Patoranking has urged young men to shun violence in the name of being a “gang man or Badman”.
According to the singer who will be dropping an album ” Wilmer” later in this month, he’s been there and done that — And that lifestyle has no gain.
The singer said in a tweet on Sunday that he had friends that died in the ghetto and that, that lifestyle brought him no fame and no money.
He wrote: When I was all stubborn and crazy in the Ghetto I never had a dime, My craziness and stubbornness took me nowhere, no one knew me, Few Friends died all in the name of gangman/Badman… Being Level headed, Good character, calmness, Love, is The Ultimate goal. Guys wise up this is 2019 #Wilmer.

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