Sunday, 3 February 2019

Music: De Alphonsus - Our Leaders (Prod By. Jah Coast)

After many years of democracy in Nigeria, we still living under the same set of political cabals who have continued to deceive the masses with lies, failed promises and even looted the nation's wealth for their own selfish gains.

Now the great people of Nigeria are gradually losing hope for a better life in the future in this great and blessed Nation because of some tyrant Nigerians in leadership.

It's time to speak out and fight for what is ours or else the generations unborn will never forgive us for our negligence. If you speak, you may be killed; if you don't speak you may still face death too but "as a coward". Join me to fight this battle for a better governance in our nation, Nigeria.

It is our right to live as humans not like animals and I believe that this mission is possible if we all speak with one voice.


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