Monday, 25 February 2019

Music: (Arewa Soldierz) Hashim Zamah Neh ft Anas Flexy x Jespen- Sai Kunji Mu

Hashim_Zamah_Neh Has Repackaged as he invent a new philosophy in Rap/Music where he Groomed New artistes under his Record Label as “Arewa_Soldierz” Which are Jespen,Anas_Flexy & Hashim zamah Neh in their first Single Titled “Sai kunjimu”. The Song is set to drop on Monday 25/2/2019…..sound Produced by Hashim zamah neh.
Artwork Credit by @Ab gentle.(ABG_DESIGNZ)
U can contact with Arewa Soldierz via
Anas Flexy
Facebook:Anas danlami
Instagram: Anasflexy
Whatsapp: 08133629652
Facebook: Aladdinmuazu
Instagram: Jespen
Hashim Zamah neh
Fb/IG: Hashim zamah neh.

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