Sunday, 10 February 2019

Discussion!! If You Are The Owner Of Cardiff FC, Will You Pay Nantes The Transfer Fee For Emiliano Sala?

The story of a missing plane which has Emiliano Sala on board is no news again.
On wednesday, the wreckage of the plane was found and this morning, the body of Emiliano Sala was found in the plane. May his soul rest in perfect peace. 🙏
Now, there seem to be a real thug of war between Cardiff City and Nantes where Sala took off to complete his medicals ahead of a possible transfer between both sides and the player agreeing terms and conditions of the transfer.
Nantes are asking to be paid the transfer fee as agreement had earlier been reached but Cardiff City has refused to do so because they said they have not received the player yet.
How person go pay for something wey him never use or see? 😏
Nantes insisted that the player wouldn’t have left the camp or the team if there had not been a proper agreement between them.
Cardiff insisted that since it was Nantes plane that was bringing the player, and they had not received the player yet, or even had proper assessment of him, they can’t pay for him yet.
They wouldn’t even pay if he had failed his medicals so why will they pay for him when he is even yet to get to their camp?
So Guys 👇

Do You Think Cardiff FC Has A Point For Not Paying?

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