Thursday, 14 June 2018

Music: Young Don Ft Donchill Baba & John Chimex – Destiny

Young don and john chimex ft Donchi baba , youngdon and john chimex are brothers and youngdon is d elder one y chimex is d younger one ,youngdon was born in 5th january 1990 y chimex was in born in 5thmach 1992 ,youngdon started music when he was in secondary school he started with young seed ,that was in Experience model int school Aba young don and young seed were called young dealers and young don was the founder of the name young dealers that was on 2008, john chimex joined the grew in 2017
JOHN CHIMEX was a gospel artist and also a choir leather,he was a powerful worshiper and a wonderful praise singer in God Life Assemble he started music in 01/19/2008 in his church and also being invited in many churche programmes,odour he was a good gospel musician but never the less he was a lover of all music. JOHN CHIMEX was a writer of gospel songs,he started writing gospel songs in 2009 but because of financial problem he sold many of his gospel songs in studio and also release some of his gospel songs. In 2015 JOHN CHIMEX realised that he can fits in gospel Hips up and circular music,he decided to join the grew called YOUNG DEALERS with his elder brother YOUNG DON,and since he join the brother they both started releasing danceable songs that make the world at large to love them , that was how they became supper stars in music industry .

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