Thursday, 12 April 2018

MUSIC: CastORvill Ft. Takit – Testimony

Here we have 3 minutes of gospel flavored music, that was written by a promising young artiste. He goes by the name *CastORvill*. I have to be honest about something here, I had no idea he was an artiste to begin with, yet alone a gospel trap artiste! So imagine my surprise the day he sent me an audio note on a messaging app, informing me of a song he wrote and would be dropping it very soon. Wow, I was mind blown. This song is a rousing number that exudes chills from within your soul, and sends goosebumps down your body. *“TESTIMONY”* as he titled it, is so inspiring and motivational that I felt there had to be something else behind the inspiration to write the song, something powerful. My curiosity got the better part of me, so I had to have a chat with him. Here’s what he had to say. _*CastORvill.* That’s such an interesting name. Any story behind it?_ *CastORvill*: I am a guy of many talents. In fact, God blessed me in that aspect. Sometimes, showing my talents causes commotion, envy, and hatred. So my natural attitude to any situation is to either CAST, make it known or VEIL, hide it. CastORvill is simply a combination of cast or veil. My real name is Adeyemi David Adeniran. _What inspired you to write *TESTIMONY?*_ *CastORvill*: I was inspired to write the song when I gave my life to Christ about a year ago. God stopped the addictions and bad habits I had, before coming to Christ. _Can you please throw more light on the addictions and habits you had?_ *CastORvill*: _(Laughs)_ well, I used to smoke like crazy, couldn’t go an hour without hitting a blunt with my friends, a womanizer and a handful of others I wouldn’t want on print. _I understand It’s not easy to stop an addiction. How did your “friends” react when you quit smoking with them?_ *CastORvill*: Damn, it was mad. They got pissed off, and tried to lure me back but I was already deep in Christ. Although, I’ve to admit I got tempted a few times, but God’s grace is ever sufficient. _Intriguing, I applaud your determination. After writing testimony, did it ever cross your mind to record it?_ *CastORvill*: Well yes, it did. It wasn’t easy because I had doubts about it, but after encouragements from family and friends, I scaled through. I’m just thankful, things are working out fine. _Who is the voice behind the soul rendering chorus the female fans can’t keep calm about?_ *CastORvill*: (chuckles) I was expecting this. That’ll be Takit. He’s featured on the song. _Why were you expecting it? Anything juicy details our audience needs to know about him?_ *CastORvill*: Takit has always been what we call _oko gbogbo obinrin_ loosely translated to husband to all the ladies or baba for the girls. Whichever rocks your boat. _What is your relationship with him like?_ *CastORvill*: We are best of friends. I’ve known him since 2015. _That is lovely. He seems like a great guy._ *CastORvill*: Yes, he is. _Any final words for our readers?_ *CastORvill*: I appreciate the time you took out to read this, and I pray *“TESTIMONY”* impacts your life as it did mine. Stay blessed. So ladies and gentlemen, I hope I’ve managed to pacify some of the curiosities we had about this young promising artiste. If you haven’t listened to it yet, I implore you to. I was inspired and blessed by it, I hope you do too.
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